Fall season starts September WEEKEND of September 7, 2013


Teams playing 8v8

Must have a minimum of 7 primary players on a team.

Maximum secondary players is 4.

Maximum Roster size is 14

Teams playing 11v11

Must have a minimum of 9 primary players on a team.

Maximum secondary players is 5.

State Cup Eligible Roster Size is 18.

League Maximum Roster size is 22.

Information on changes must be received by Wednesday of the week in order to be processed for the next weekends play.

Fall Roster freeze is: Sunday September 19 at 11:59 PM.

Changes must be submitted by Wednesday September 22.

Important notice:

Once you hand in your registration materials there may be up to a 72 Hour turnaround. Please plan accordingly!!!!!

2010-11 RG-6 Participant Registration Form


Medical Release Form




All foreign born players must fill out the apprpriate following forms, the first time that you play in aleague. If a player is returning but skipped a year in a specific league, these forms also must be filled out. Foreign born includes military births overseas, consular bitrthcertificates and PA  Adoption Birth Certificates showing birth in another country.

Forms for Foreign Born Players (For instructions, click here)

IC: International Clearance Request Form

IW: International Clearance Waiver Form

P-12: Proof of Entry Prior to Age 12 Submission Form


2010 Registration Checklist for all registrars: Registration Checklist - pdf

Spring Season FYI

When teams are organized in the Fall, they are registered for the YEAR.

You may transfer up to 5 players before a team is considered a new team.

A little help with player designations for the parents

Primary Players: A primary player is a player registered through the EPYSA database to play on a team. All players must play on a primary team.

Secondary player: A secondary player is a player that is registered through the EPYSA data base to play on a  second addition to their primary team. A secondary player can not just play for their secondary team or miss a primary teams game to play on the secondary team.

Age Groups: Under no circumstances may a player play down from his age group. Example: An 11 year old can not play on a 10 year old team.

Proof of Age: Proof of age is required for all first time players in the Under 9 age group and above. Birth certificate and passport are acceptable forms of identifiaction. A hospital record of birth is not. An inactive player (a player that has not played in the opast two years)may also need to verify the date of birth also.

Boys vs Girls (Not exactly what I meant): A boy can not play on a girls team, however a girl can play on a boys team!

Player Releases: In order to release a player from a team, Release must be submitted online by the club registrar. A signed PS1 must be submitted to the league with BOTH parent and players signature. Player pass must be returned to RBJSL registrar, unless other arrangements have been made.



Any club who elects a new registrar should contact Jim Christian at


Teams playing 11v11

Must have a minimum of 9 primary players on a team.

Maximum secondary players is 5.

Maximum Roster size is 22

Gameday Roster is total of 18 players.