Accessible by Club Administrators 17 Feb 2020 - 01 Mar 2020


New for RBJSL in Spring 2020 is the release of the preliminary schedule to Club administrators.  The purpose is to enable Clubs to request changes to the schedule before the season begins. so that our League and our Clubs minimize in-season schedule problems.

Step 1.  Preliminary schedule is released - Mon 17 Feb 2020, 12:01 AM

On Monday 17 Feb 2020, the preliminary schedule will be released to Club administrators for review.

The schedule will not be available to coaches, families, or to the general public via the RBJSL website.  It will be the Club administrators' responsibility to conduct the preliminary schedule review.

Step 2.  Clubs review the preliminary schedule

Club administrators can review the schedule by logging into the RBJSL website.

LINK --> Instructions for reviewing the preliminary schedule.

Each club can determine how their schedule is to be reviewed (some may choose to share with coaches and families, some may not).

Each club is encouraged to THOROUGHLY review their teams' schedules -- we want to correct problems NOW, before referees are assigned and before the season begins.

Step 3.  Clubs identify a field/field availability problem

If there is a field availability issue -- e. g., incorrect field listed for the game, field not available at that date/time, field change for the club/team/day, etc. --

· Club Field Commissioner contacts Trish (punchesmom@aol.com), with cc to Mark (mark@theraddie.com) and Adam (ajsmeltz@alumni.psu.edu)

· Trish will work with the Field Commissioner to correct the schedule.

· If there is a corresponding change of game time, Trish will notify the away team Field Commissioner so that the change can be communicated to the affected coaches and families.

Step 4.  Clubs identify a schedule problem (that is not a field availability issue)

If there is a game that a Club would like to change, the Club will initiate normal RBJSL rescheduling procedures.

Please note that priority will be given to those cases where the club will be unable to field a team at the preliminary schedule date and time

We will do our best to honor all requests, but there is no such thing as a "perfect schedule" -- there may be some inconveniences that we are unable to fully resolve.

Step 5.  Clubs follow RBJSL rescheduling procedures to identify a reschedule date/time

· Coaches of the competing teams will work together, in conjunction with the home team Club Field Commissioner, to propose a new date/time for the game.

LINK --> Instructions for identifying team contacts.

· The change will be coordinated through the home team Field Commissioner, even if the away team is requesting the change.

· RBJSL games are scheduled in blocks (e. g., doubleheaders at a minimum) to facilitate referee assignments.  It is expected that the home team Field Commissioner will assist in suggesting one or more game date/time/location that is consistent with our block scheduling approach.

· It is encouraged that the teams identify more than one proposed date/time/location, and it is encouraged that the teams avoid restricting to specific game times (e. g., if we have to adjust the game time from 10:00 AM to 11:00 am to preserve block scheduling, we do not want to have to repeat the process).

· Both Clubs are expected to work together and to make their best efforts to honor the needs of both teams -- the requesting team and their opponent.

Step 6.  Club Field Commissioner of the home team submits the reschedule request to RBJSL

When the coaches have agreed on a new game date/time/location (and, if possible, a backup date/time/location), the home team Field Commissioner submits the request to RBJSL.

· Email to Trish (punchesmom@aol.com), with cc to Mark (mark@theraddie.com) and Adam (ajsmeltz@alumni.psu.edu)

· Game number

· New requested date/time/location, along with any backup options or additional restrictions

· Reason for requesting the game change

NOTE:  Requests are accepted only from the home team Field Commissioner.  Requests received from anyone else will not be reviewed!

NOTE:  Requests must be submitted with ample time to allow RBJSL to review the request prior to the final schedule release. 
Deadline for submitting requests:  Sunday 01 Mar 2020, 11:59 PM

Step 7.  RBJSL reviews the reschedule request

RBJSL will review the reschedule request.

Primary consideration will be given to the how the request fits into the overall schedule -- especially considering our block scheduling approach.

If the request causes a ripple effect (i. e., other games would have to be rescheduled), RBJSL will reach out to the Field Commissioners of the affected teams.

· The Field Commissioners of the affected teams will reach out to their coaches and families to confirm that the cascading reschedules are OK.

RBJSL may choose to identify an additional reschedule option, if necessary, to minimize the impact on other clubs, teams, and referees.

RBJSL will make every effort to accommodate the reschedule request, but cannot guarantee that the request will be approved.

Step 8.  RBJSL approves or rejects the reschedule request

RBJSL will communicate the reschedule review decision to the home team Field Commissioner, with a copy to the away team Field Commissioner (and if necessary, to the Field Commissioners of any teams affected by cascading schedule updates.

If RBJSL approves the request, RBJSL will also update the league schedule.

Step 9.  Final schedule is released - Fri 06 Mar 2020, 11:59 PM

On Friday night 06 Mar 2020, the final schedule will be released to clubs, teams, coaches, families, and our referee assignor. 

After the final schedule is released, reschedule requests will be reviewed for field playability/availability issues ONLY!  All other requests will be rejected.