Postponing and Rescheduling Games

Game postponements

After the league schedule is released and finalized, game postponement requests will be honored for unplayable field conditions/dangerous weather ONLY.

Game postponement requests must be submitted by the home club Field Commissioner ONLY (please, no requests submitted directly by coaches!).

Deadline for postponing games:
- 8:00 AM for Saturday games
- 10:00 AM for Sunday games
- 2 hours before kickoff for weeknight games.
After the deadline has passed, the game is left to the discretion of the assigned referee.  If the referee determines that the field is unplayable, the referee is to be paid 1/2 fee.

Game postponements are submitted via email to Trish Allen, cc Mark Radcliffe, (please DO NOT email the referee assignor directly!).

Postponed games will be updated in the schedule to show no game date/time (as a placeholder).

Rescheduling games

The home club's Field Commissioner works to complete rescheduling activities within two weeks of the postponement.  It is expected that the reschedule date falls before the end of the league season.

1.  Home team coach works with the visiting team coach to agree on a mutually agreeable date and an approximate time.

2.  Home team coach confirms field availability, then relays the requested reschedule information to the home club's Field Commissioner.

3.  Home club's Field Commissioner works with the RBJSL Games Commissioner to finalize the reschedule date and time, taking referee assignment needs into consideration (assignments are normally made at least 2 weeks in advance):
- Game time may be adjusted to facilitate multiple consecutive games at the location (or at a nearby location).
- DEADLINE for finalizing reschedule requests for the upcoming weekend:  Tuesday at 5:00 PM.

4.  RBJSL Games Commissioner updates the schedule date and time in the system and notifies the referee assignor.